(10 pieces/lot) Injector nozzles DSLA145P681 for BOSCH 0 433 175 140


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China Balin Power Co.,Ltd,a professional manufacturer and supplier for diesel injection nozzles,wholesale DSLA145P681 ,0 433 175 140.

The price above is only for retail.

If you are looking for competitive and bulk quantity,please kindly contact us then we could offer you.

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Pakuotės Svoris 0.51kg (1.12lb.)
Pakuotės Dydis 9cm x 4cm x 8cm (3.54in x 1.57in x 3.15in)
Įrenginio Tipas daug (10 vnt/lot)
Prekės Pavadinimas BASCOLIN
Už Transporto Priemonių Prekių Ženklai/Modelis Renault

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